Submissions for the 2013 issue of the Harvard College Mathematics Review

We are currently looking for expository student articles and original problems in mathematics or related subjects. These can be papers written for tutorials, courses, or just for fun!

As well as general articles and problems, we are also looking for students willing to write our four feature articles: Mathematical Minutiae, Statistics Corner, Applied Mathematics Corner, and My Favorite Problem.

Please email submissions to by January 1, 2013. Click here for more information and instructions.

Spring 2011 Issue -- Volume 3, Online

The fifth issue of the HCMR, Vol. 3, is now (almost) available on the website! You may check out the abstracts in the "Issues" section. Check back within a few days to read the entire issue online.

Join the Harvard College Mathematics Review!

As we start a new school year, we are looking for undergraduates for both general and board positions. If you are interested in being part of the publication process this year, email by noon this Saturday (September 10th) and you will receive further instructions on the short application process.

Last year was a great success (the third volume was distributed to departments in three different continents and across the nation) and we are looking forward to an even stronger publication this year!

Spring 2011 Issue -- Volume 3, Print

The fifth issue of the HCMR, Vol. 3, is now available in print and will be uploaded to the website soon! This issue includes topics ranging from Artin's Conjecture to Geographic Profiling of Serial Crimes and a special end paper entitled "The Three-Legged Theorem," by Professor Michael J. Hopkins. Order your copy by sending an email to We welcome comments, questions, concerns and submissions!

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